Valentines Day Ultimate Romance Adventure Experiences


Imagine waking in your private luxury residence to spectacular mountain vista views when

suddenly a rainstorm of rose petals drifts down in front of the window as your favorite love song

starts playing on the bedroom music system. Your private chef delivers heavenly breakfast for

two on silver tray just outside your bedroom door.


A fresh bath is discretely drawn with flowers, oils and bubbles by your private butler. Afterwards,

when you walk downstairs, the lower floor is covered in sheepskin and roses. Give the signal and

your private helicopter lands outside your door – jump in as your butler delivers cappuccinos for a

scenic tour over the mountains.


As the helicopter flies over a remote mountain ridge, an enormous heart of rose petals in the snow is seen from above – you land in the centre of the heart, petals flutter around, the blades stop and petals gently land all around you. A red carpet

leads you to a magical translucent blue ice cave set for a picnic lunch. Further into the cave, an

inviting igloo awaits with furs, champagne, music and soft lights. Use a signal flare to call the

helicopter for your return where you can join the après ski scene that Whistler is famous for or

head to a remote natural hot springs for a mineral soak and massage therapy.


Head-Line Romance Adventure Experiences Ideas:

 Half day and full day exhilarating snowmobile experiences accessed by land or helicopter

 Snow-bike tours on the ice fields

 Ice cave tours for all ages

 Remote hot spring access including massage therapy and private chef-de-cuisine

 Overnight snow hotel accommodations including stargazing and indigenous story-telling


Prices start from $425/per person for a half day snowmobiling adventure that includes personal

instruction for all ability levels, state-of-the-art sleds with hand and goggle warmers, and

backcountry safety equipment.


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