Head-Line Mountain Holidays & Reactive Design Join Forces

These days one would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard about, seen or tried flying a drone. Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have propelled themselves into our world swiftly, bringing big changes to aerial cinematography. 
One local couple, Marc Dionne and Stacey Bodnaruk, have zoomed in on this new landscape. Their multimedia creative company, Reactive Design, is taking off using drones to produce engaging marketing inspired by authentic mountain culture. The fresh perspectives their drones deliver mean Reactive Design can break new ground with their promotional productions. They used their drone fleet for local client Head-Line Mountain Holidays whose larger-than-life adventures needed marketing that conveyed the bigger picture. A bird’s eye view captured the magnitude of the terrain and the scale of the adventures. With projects like these, the droning duo offers a unique skill set. Dionne brings twenty plus years of experience behind the lens and Bodnaruk, a well-known local artist, offers a powerful creative design perspective.
“Stacey, who has a real grasp on framing and colour and composition, is a trained drone camera operator, so while I pilot, she can control the camera to the framing and perspective that she wants and it’s always from an artistic point of view,” said Dionne.
The result is a balanced marketing piece with a logical purpose that is shot in a very artistic, beautiful way. – – See more by clicking here         

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