Head-Line Mountain Holidays specializes in exclusive, luxury-based holiday experiences in unique, other-worldly settings.  Our inspiring, secluded destinations are blended with sensational service and comfort.  As an outdoor adventure-focused organization made up of highly experienced, creative, backcountry-savvy professionals, we are dedicated to enhancing your travel experience.  In all that we do, our single most important priority is to ensure that our guests well-being and comfort are at the forefront of every decision we make throughout the course of all activities and events we undertake.  To this end, we are uncompromising, trust worthy and dedicated to upholding the highest standards.

We offer an array of celebrated activities and events to provide excitement at all levels of the spectrum. Our team of innovative Experience Creatorsare dedicated, inspired designers of adventures, venues, and activities that cater to your family, friends and colleagues’ most exotic requests. From a private celebration in a uniquely designed ice castle, to remote Ice Cap observatories. From adventures into the icy heart of a frozen glacier by snowmobile or to soak in the pristine wilderness surroundings of a steamy natural hot spring, When it comes to Bragging Rights, they’re all yours as every detail will exhibit your unique signature style. Our packages are designed for the senses, for the mind and for the soul.

With more than 2 decades experience in the luxury travel market and multi media industry, we understand the complexities of combining unique locations with widely creative, extravagant “sets” and have an intimate appreciation for privacy and discretion at all times. We are uncompromising in our attention to details and have extensive resources to complete any project that your imagination can bring to light.
We love the creative process and are highly motivated and inspired by the landscape in which we live so we are always striving to develop the next best adventure. When it comes to trends and traditions, we’re proud to say we have pioneered a few which uniquely qualifies us to coordinate your next best Head-Line Mountain Holiday in Whistler.

Head-line Mountain Holidays & Club is a unique, experiential, adventure focused organization made up of highly, creative, experienced backcountry-savvy professionals dedicated to enhancing your travel experience. In all that we do, our single most important priority is to ensure that our guests well-being and comfort are at the forefront of every decision we make throughout the course of all activities and events we undertake. We are uncompromising, trust worthy and dedicated to upholding the highest standards.

Doug Washer

President and CEO

Doug Washer is the founder and former President of Canadian Snowmobile Adventures and it’s affiliate, Remote Control Services which he established in 1992.  As a visionary, entrepreneur and innovative product-development professional, Doug understood the need to develop value-added experiences within the flourishing development framework of Intrawest’s rapidly expanding Whistler/Blackcomb Resort.  His integration of the first independent mechanized-tourism and multi-media production service company within the operations of a major ski resort in North America led to the development of a Heli-assisted backcountry snowmobile operation which ultimately grew the company into one of the largest, most innovative and successful tourism operations of it’s kind in Canada.

Having sold his interests in “Canadian” in 2006, he created Head-Line Mountain Holidays to satisfy the increasing demand in the luxury adventure travel market by offering exquisite holiday experiences at Whistler, British Columbia.  Doug’s unique ability to blend creativity with leadership, accountability and responsible stewardship can be attributed to the diverse Head-Line product offerings which focus on custom designed experiences to clients of high net worth seeking unusual, tailor-made adventures.


Matt King

Director Of Operations


Born and raised in Mississauga Ontario, Matt packed up and moved to the West Coast in 2001 in search of big mountains and big opportunities. After graduating from the Adventure Tourism Management Program at Canadian Tourism College in Vancouver, the move to Whistler was an obvious choice. Originally attracted to BC by snowboarding, a new focus and passion was born when Matt  began guiding mountain snowmobile trips in the Whistler backcountry with Doug’s former company Canadian Snowmobile Adventures. Slowly but surely, the snowboard began to collect dust as big mountain sledding became the primary focus of Matt’s time both on and off the job.  Matt climbed the ranks as both a guide and coordinator for commercial film work to eventually become the Head of Operations at “CSA” from 2005-2008.

In late 2009 Matt took a position with VANOC Sport division as Mountain Logistics Manager for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Alpine Ski Racing events in Whistler, coordinating all on-snow logistics, transport, and snowmobile operations during the games. In addition to mountain related endeavours, Matt’s most recent career move allowed him to parlay his lifelong passion for music into a full-time occupation.  A guitarist and singer, Matt plays professionally throughout Whistler and beyond with his band “Big Mountain Rhythm” (circa 2009),  and recently started an additional project dubbed “Blame the Weekend”. Now residing in Pemberton BC, Matt is proudly part of the Head-Line Mountain Holidays team.


We would like to acknowledge the following contributing Professional Photographers who work with Head-Line to capture all of our luxury wilderness experiences:

  • Marc Dionne
  • Eric Berger
  • Craig Mutch
  • Dominic Gauthier
  • Dave Mills
  • Garth Eichel
  • Justa Jeskova
  • Daniel Fox
  • Logan Swayze
  • Doug Washer


Head-Line Mountain Holidays is proud to be associated with a group of individuals and organizations with similar commitment to service and a love for the mountains in which we live.  Our objective is to ensure that all our clients and affiliates are able to experience world-class outdoor recreation adventures at their very best.   To accomplish this we have organized a consortium of luxury travel and service-providers focused on creating personalized VIP treatment at every level of the travel adventure in order to create a most memorable experience.

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler

Head-Line Mountain Holidays, in collaboration with Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Whistler,  are proud to pair Luxury accommodations with one of a kind experiences.  As a Four Seasons Hotel and Residence guest, you will receive exemplary service with Head-Line Mountain Holidays and share in a unique blend of service and activity upgrades.  From custom overnight wilderness enclaves with a Four Seasons Executive Chef, to remote wellness packages deep in the heart of the Coast Mountains. Together with Four Seasons, we have carefully hand-crafted a series of experiences that whisk you from their Luxury Whistler Residences, directly to the heli-port where your exclusive, Four Seasons experience will commence.


VIP Mountain Holidays

Head-Line Mountain Holidays, in association with VIP Mountain Holidays, have customized some of Canada’s most unique,  private wilderness enclaves.  From overnight wilderness excursions which include luxury accommodations in the winter wilderness, to paragliding into remote hot springs with a masseuse and a Chef waiting to serve, and,  to Ice Castles built into the hidden recesses of Whistler’s charm,  the stories created and dreams fulfilled will be told for years and last a lifetime.  Simply tell us your dreams and we’ll bring them to life.

Blackcomb Helicopters

Blackcomb Helicopters is a helicopter and jet-charter company which offers superior service in executive travel and helicopter transportation. Head-Line Mountain Holidays has worked with Blackcomb Helicopters for more than two Decades co-ordinating multi-media film productions in the Coast Mountain Ranges of British Columbia and backcountry travel, developing experiential wildness enclaves. Together, we offer our guests a unique and unequalled experience while travelling through the ice fields that Head-line Mountain Holidays calls home.
Blackcomb Helicopters



Mountain Sport Distribution

Mountain Sport Distribution (MSD ) are leading brand product suppliers in the adventure, recreation and sports industry and avid sponsors of Head-Line Mountain Holiday.  For more information, you can contact MSD at Mountain Sports Distribution



Phone: 250.344.5060

Toll Free: 1.888.987.SLED

Email: info@MountainSportsDistribution.com

Address (mail and office): 802 9th St N, Golden, BC, V0A 1H2


HMK Outdoor Company

All HMK branded products are designed and developed in northern Oregon at the foot of Mt Hood by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. They have continued to develop their products year after year to suit the always changing needs of the rider and to incorporate all the best available technology in the market. For more information, you can contact HMK at HMK Outdoor Company



Phone: (541) 386-3262

Email: info@HMKusa.com

Address (mail and office): 1767 12th Street #225 Hood River, OR 97031



When participating on a Head-Line Mountain Holiday, you can rest assured we have taken every measure of care to reduce our environmental footprint to a minimum.

Head-line Mountain Holidays wishes to portray the sensitive ecology of our world, framed in the rhetoric of a slightly different colour.  With global warming continuing to melt away our local Ice Sheets, Ice Caps and Glaciers, it would appear to us that being “Green” may be all too Ironic.

In order to impart a deeper meaning to the experience.   Head-line Mountain Holidays shares with its clients,  the effects on our environment we’re only beginning to understand.  To help implement this environmental stewardship program, we have coined our initiative, “White is Green” as reflected in the iCon we have created to remind us of our environmental responsibilities and follow through on our initiatives to help our community better understand, support and influence the relationship we have with these magnificent IceScapes.





Adventure onto Canada’s southern most glaciated ice field.

Located just moments away from the world-famous Whistler Resort, the Ice Cap is the largest, southernmost ice field among a chain of ice caps which stud the Pacific Range of the South-Coast Mountains of Western Canada. Sprawling 325 square kilometres over majestic volcanic peaks, it has been the stand-in for Antarctica and the Arctic in films and TV shows including the X-Files movie and Stargate: SG-1.

The Pemberton Ice Cap is home to Head-Line’s most tantalizing adventures, whether you’re standing atop and ancient volcanic peak while reciting your wedding vows, looking for an exceptional six-course lunch or dinner in the heart of an ice cave enveloped by a musical ensemble, or embarking on an exhilarating snowmobile foray deep into the recesses of the Coast Mountains, Head-Line will enable all your wildest dreams.