Head-Line Mountain Holidays works in unique environments coordinating single and multi-day wilderness film and media shoots. With over 30 years experience in location scouting, mountain and ice cap camp set ups, safety, ground, snow and air transport and film production logistics, we are uniquely qualified to manage all aspects of your remote filming needs.

Head-Line Mountain Holidays’ team of mountaineers, guides and Mountain Production Coordinators provide the highest quality of services and equipment to meet any size film production. Our qualified team is specifically skilled in ice cave and ice cap exploration, helicopter safety and transport logistics, remote wilderness camps, swift water river and rescue settings and able to help with any aspect of your production.

Head-Line Mountain Holidays is well resourced with a host of mountain equipment specifically designed to enhance production value through efficiency. This includes a range of equipment from custom long lining systems for heli transport to snowcats, snowmobiles and jet boats to work in remote wilderness locations with ease. We manage the logistics so you can focus on production.


From the deepest valleys to the tallest peaks, Head-Line provides film production support for remote wilderness locations including


  • Logistics coordination and transportation for crew and talent by air, over snow, down rivers and over land.
  • Ice Cap transportation via Snowmobiles SnowBuggies and SnowCat
  • Full base camp set up with Glacier Pods and Geodesic Domes and crew camps
  • Full contingent of rescue gear, first aid equipment and supplies
  • Complete winter and mountain outerwear for crew and talent
  • Deluxe, flyable sanitations systems

Head-Line Mountain Holidays’ team of industry professionals are accomplished outdoor leaders with decades of experience in a multitude of disciplines.


Our team of backcountry-savvy professionals have a deep passion for the outdoors. Our team includes a collective of outdoor leaders dedicated to upholding the highest standards in the industry. These include individuals who have developed industry standards for the National Search and Rescue Secretariat and HRDC – Human Resources Development Canada. Individual certifications include, but are not limited to:


  • Canadian Avalanche Association Members & Professionals.
  • SAR Members.
  • Professional Ski Patrol & Ski Instructors.
  • Internationally Certified Ropes Instructors.
  • Swift Water Rescue Instructors.
  • Rescue & Rigging Specialists.
  • First Aid Instructors.
  • ACMG Guides.



  • Ice Cap Bae Camp
  • 24’ Geodesic Dome
  • 20’ Geodesic Dome
  • 30’ x 18’ Remote shelter – Flyable fabric structure
  • 24’ x 12’ Remote shelter – Flyable hard shell structure
  • 14’ diameter Glacier pods X 9
  • 15’ diameter tents X 12




  • Helicopters – A-STARS, 407’S, 212’’ and more
  • Binty Box – Specialized long lining system X 6 (Replaces inefficient netting systems)
  • Snowcat – With Cat Camper or flat deck – Blade equipped
  • Snowmobiles & T-Bogs
  • Snowbuggies
  • 4X4 Passenger Van (11 Pax – Sprinter)
  • 4X4 Mountain equipped trucks
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Flat deck trailers
  • Jet Boat – Flat deck platform for filming / rigging
  • Inflatable River Kayaks (Class 3 X 5 units)




  • Remote Communications – Sat Phones – InReach – 2 way radios – Air to ground
  • Crevasse rescue equipment
  • Wilderness first aid equipment – AED – Gel rolls, Spine boards etc
  • Personal mountain safety equipment (Harness, Rope, Transceivers, Probes, Shovels, Ice Cleats, Helmets, Headlamps, Snowshoes, Backpacks,Ice Axes,)
  • Full complement of all season outerwear – Head to toe




  • Full Wilderness Kitchen and seating set up – (capacity = 50)
  • Pop up tents and heaters
  • On Snow dining platforms
  • Deluxe sanitary systems – Flyable flush honey huts

Vancouver, also known as Hollywood North rests at the southern tip of the Coast Mountain Range in Bristish Columbia, Canada with North America’s No 1 All Seasons Resort, Whistler, just a short 1.5 hour Drive away. Head-Line Mountain Holidays is based at the Whistler Heliport, providing unfettered access to many of British Columbia’s unique, Wilderness locations.


Head-Line Mountain Holidays also offers wilderness experiences on its Land Tenure covering the largest southern temperate latitude ice cap in the world, providing an extraordinary array of locations from jagged volcanic peaks to massive ice fields, rivers, waterfalls and alpine meadows.


As a provider of both luxury wilderness experiences and film production services, Head-Line Mountain Holidays spends more time in more locations doing more mountain activities than most any other service provider in British Columbia. We are uniquely qualified to service your production with a multitude of resources and infrastructure based on the Ice Cap year round.


Key Features of these locations include:


  • Ice Caps – Arctic-like terrain features
  • Ice Caves
  • Glaciers
  • Waterfalls
  • Coastal Fjords
  • Volcanos
  • Mountain Peaks
  • Hot Springs
  • Alpine Meadows
  • Granite Walls
  • Ranch Lands
  • Dessert Rivers
  • Steep Creeks