Welcome to Head-Line Mountain Holidays

Welcome to Head-Line Mountain Holidays


We know and understand that booking travel and experiences at this particular time is more difficult to navigate so we have compiled the following information to address your questions and concerns.


Please note that the COVID-19 Pandemic has influenced some changes in the way we, and our strategic partners now operate and accordingly, we have instituted several updates that we wish to bring to your attention as they apply to health and safety, as well as operations and rate structures.


Upon first encounters with our team, there will be a screening procedure that will include temperature checks and confirming information relayed by way of a mandatory pre screening questionnaire regarding health and safety.


All participants including staff are required to wear a mask or face covering when in confined spaces and in vehicles.


Please ensure that you are up to date on the latest government regulations when travelling. Links to these resources are contained within the following documentation.


We look forward to hosting you on a world class experience in your own backyard.


Any questions, concerns or to arrange your experience, please contact us at 604.902.6415 or info@headlinemountainholidays.com


You may join the VIP On-Call Program by completing the sign up form.


The Head-Line Mountain Holiday Team


Experience The Difference

Please contact our Guest Services team if you have any additional questions.
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