Introducing SnowBuggies to the Ice Cave Exploration & Ice Cap Research Initiatives

High up on the southernmost and largest Ice Cap in North America located at the doorstep of Whistler, Head-Line Mountain Holidays welcomed a new experience to their growing list of luxury wilderness offerings this late winter.  Inspired by imagination and a desire to discover more of this vast frozen wilderness, guests can now explore the Ice Cap by SnowBuggy as part of the Heli Ice Cave Explore and / or Blue Room experiences.   The SnowBuggy is a modified ATV with snow tracks instead of wheels allowing it for four season Ice Cap exploration. It has 1,000 CC / 96 Horse Power along with power steering. Passengers and drivers can enjoy heater grips, a high windshield and wind deflectors to stay comfortable while exploring the Ice Cap and its arctic-like features. This unique Whistler snow machine can fit two adults with one or two children at the same time (age, size, and terrain dependant).  Not only is this new mode of transportation perfect for families, it provides easy maneuverability to instil confident riding skills for guests with limited mobility and / or limited snowmobiling experience.   Once guests have emerged from the aqua blue Ice Caves, the SnowBuggy will be awaiting them to take them on a one of a kind exploration experience. Guests will go on a journeys to explore stunning ice walls, ice features, multiple ice caves (pending rider ability and snow conditions). The SnowBuggy is a value added component to the Heli Sled Ice Cave Explore and Blue Room experiences.   This new snow machine serves multiple purposes not limited to guest exploration. As part the Head-Line Mountain Holidays “White is Green” Ice Cap Research Initiative in partnership with Simon Fraser University, the SnowBuggy will play a pivotal role in assisting researchers move around the Ice Cap in all types of terrain features as it moves seamlessly from rock face to ice and snow.  It also has a cargo rack with a cargo box to transport gear, trailer towing capacity, winch, and fender flares.   “We’re very excited about this new addition,” says Doug Washer – President and CEO of Head-Line Mountain Holidays. “Not only is this new SnowBuggy growing our experiential offerings, it also provides us the opportunity to continue to invest in our ongoing quest to learn more about these frozen icescapes. We see the impacts of climate change on a daily basis as glaciers recede. To be able to explore further into more areas on the Ice Cap, we hope to provide more educational opportunities to students, researchers, and of course our guests. The more we can learn together, the greater our chances are to make positive changes to ensure our children can continue exploring these magnificent wonders for years to come.”   The SnowBuggy is also available as rentable equipment to the Film Industry as part of Head-Line Mountain Holidays’s Film & Media Production Services.   Booking the Heli Sled Ice Cave Explore or Blue Room Experience can be made through, by emailing or by calling 604.902.6415. For more information on the Ice Cap Research Initiative or Film Services support, please contact Chantal Limoges at Head-Line Mountain Holidays.  

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Head-Line Mountain Holidays is a luxury wilderness experience provider and event producer based in Whistler British Columbia. Head-Line Mountain Holidays caters to clients looking for extraordinary experiences in remote backcountry environments. It combines the excitement and exhilaration of soft-to-extreme adventures, with elegant accommodations and concierge standard services.   Head-Line is a fully authorized and tenured operator. It was established to satisfy the increasing demand for luxury adventure travel and exquisite holiday experiences in Whistler. Head-Line’s ability to seamlessly blend creativity with leadership, accountability and responsible stewardship has set the foundation for a unique, experiential, adventure-focused organization comprised of highly creative, experienced, backcountry-savvy professionals dedicated to enhancing guests’ travel experience.   Media Contact: Chantal Limoges Marketing & Communications Head-Line Mountain Holidays +1.604.935.4899

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