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Last month, Doug Washer sat down with Truck Camper Magazine to chat about our latest custom creation; The Snowcat camper. This snowmachine was custom built to support our Ice Cap Research Initiative while enhancing all our other ice cap experiences. It’s also the perfect unit to support film and media production and expands our service for the Heli Ice Cave Explore and our full day sledding experiences.


The Cirrus Camper equipped snowcat, the only one of it’s kind as best we know, will accommodate our guests on the largest, southernmost temperate latitude ice cap in the world. It will also support our Ice Cap Research Initiative which requires overnight observations and data collection in partnership with Simon Fraser University.

From a product execution perspective, this camper is one of the most luxurious models on the market. It meets the criteria of the environment we operate in and fits beautifully into our brand and the experiences we curate for our guests.


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